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Your Power, Your Story Writing Journal by Kashinda T. Marche and Shani Greene-Dowdell (Paperback)

Healing Through Storytelling

Your Story

Your Power

This workbook is a way of contributing to future generations, more specifically the generations of YOUR lineage.

Most commonly, prosperity in the urban and rural parts of the world is achieved on the day-to-day hustle of a family member. These natural-born hustlers can vary in age ranges that serve as their starting point. In today’s times, we’re seeing a blossom in entrepreneurship. These leaders could be seven-years-old or seventy. Race, gender, sexuality, or living with a chronic health condition plays no part. We ALL have a story within us.

It is YOUR time! Start this workbook and be on YOUR way to a legacy that can finally disrupt those bridges toward generational cycle-ville.
Someone once said, “Change starts with you.” We should all follow that same philosophy. A way of thinking that has allowed imagination to take the lead in accomplishing impossible things. Well, this very workbook is proof.

Upon completion, you will have crafted your own short story, if not a solid outline of what can result in a full novel. Your story is your power. Invest in yourself—time, energy, and maybe a few bucks to learn what success can look like. Use that brilliant God-given imagination. Then, allow this workbook to logically pen those thoughts that will transform your life.

See you on the flip as we switch up the script!

Kashinda T. Marche
Shani Greene-Dowdell

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