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Imperial Publishing House and Motivation in Motion have joined forces to launch M.O.M. (Motivating Our Mothers), a work of art that will stimulate homes, hearts, minds, communities, and yes, even the world. We believe we are better together in uplifting one another. We are not only working with published authors but aspiring writers who want to see their work in print.

We are interested in changing the trajectory of individuals with words that can move the masses. If you can contribute, you should definitely join this movement to uplift and inspire others around the world. We would love to have you partake by contributing your stories, poems, words of encouragement or inspirational, daily bread, testimonials and letters filled with power and positivity for the mother figures in your life, just in time for Mother’s Day 2020.



1.       You don’t have to write a whole book. Submissions should be 1-2pages.

2.       You will be working with a skilled publisher and author of over 25 books and 15 years plus publishing experience.



WHAT are the benefits for you in this collaboration?

You will:

-          Have the chance to thank the mother figure(s) in your life in a unique way.

-          Inspire another woman’s life.

-          Show another individual that they are valuable in spite of hardships, trauma or trials.

-          Get your feet wet as a published author without writing a whole book.  

-          Set people free with your words.

-          Gain exposure to new audiences.

-          Become part of a bonded family of authors and inherit a support team.

-          Add value to the collaborative effort by sharing your wisdom, expertise, and real life experience for the readers.

-          Share authenticity and raw truths

-          Have a guaranteed final product without having to hire a publisher or editor.

-          Have the ability to purchase discounted copies to giveaway or sell.

-          Get a ticket to the book-brunch release party!


Your contributions

-          Submit 1-2 pages of your written work to Imperial Publishing House.

-          Remit collaboration fee of $110 to Nayberry Publications to cover editing, publishing, copy of book, and ticket to the book release brunch on May 2, 2020. Bring your Mom and make it a date!



M.O.M. (Motivating Our Mothers) is an initiative done with Respect, Gratitude, and Empowerment. This collaboration has a shared purpose that will allow your words to take form and change lives. Your message from the heart will appeal to a wealth of audiences. This collaboration will share the commonwealth of inspirations, empowerment and motivation from others alike sharing stories and life changing encounters.


The reward will be to catapult others that may be stagnant and need to know they are valuable. We as the collaborators will also be paying homage to those that have been instrumental in our lives. Doing this project as a team will establish a bond among the authors involved as we accomplish a common goal.



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