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Undone Series by Falon Gold (Paperback)
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Split decisions and daring anyone to challenge the path he took made Chance Middleton a successful architect. The reason for one of his decisions made when he was just a boy was a mystery that Mahogany Jefferson could never solve. However, he had no way of knowing that his fierce determination would become a fatal flaw, turn his closely guarded secret into a breeding ground for deceit, and push Mahogany’s love for him to a breaking point.

Chance wasn’t surprised when it snapped completely or when she packed her bags. He let her go, well aware that she can be counted on for two things: doing what she thought was right and bouncing back when things went sideways. Her troubled past and heartbreaking present unbeknownst to him demanded she be tough, but a recent tragedy just may break her. Her belongings weren’t all she took with her when she left.

Thinking she was doing the right thing for everyone, now she had a secret of her own and it was always only a matter of time before things went left. That was the story of Mahogany’s life and to right things again, she had only one option: call on Chance, which required her to reveal an accident that elevated many lives to a level he never wanted to exist on. His reaction might just be incendiary, but the mystery of Chance will be unraveled at last.

No one will be exempt from heartache, heartbreak, and being let down. Love will be tested. Lines will be crossed. Lives will be endangered. Blood will be spilled. Everyone will learn what they're truly made of. Happily-ever-afters will. Be. Fought. For.

No matter where Orion Townsend goes, he’s the definition of stunning with his jaw-dropping stature, red hair, amber eyes, and hand-tailored suits. A billion-dollar deal draws him from London to back home to Arrow, Colorado where silver eyes, caramel-colored skin, and exceptional height for a woman makes Nevaeh Lomax a showstopper. However, owning beauty in its rarest form doesn’t work the same for everyone, especially when that beauty has always drawn the worst sort of people to Nevaeh for as long as she can remember.

Now an introvert-by-choice, she’s pushed too far when a physically and emotionally abusive ex just won’t go away. Her plans to get rid of him breeds a scheme that will twist Orion and his company, blissfully unaware of Nevaeh’s beauty and her war, right up in the middle. Come hell or jail, she’ll find peace by any means necessary, even if she must do some things she normally wouldn’t to people she’s never met.

Webs will be spun. Laws will be broken. People will be caught up. Love finds two new hearts to invade, but first, an abuser must be dealt with in Undone by Fire by Falon Gold.

Foreign Torres was a beautiful disaster, emotionally-damaged with her problems manifesting in other areas of her life unknowingly. However, she wasn’t down for the count. Life would produce rewards for her if she had to shake them out of it after leaving behind the influential royal family that traded loving her for displaying her like prime real estate to eligible bachelors. She just never counted on those rewards originating from one night with Christian Bradley, or a sextape showing up then getting stolen.

Christian Bradley, poor boy turned software magnate, wasn’t looking for love at a good friend’s wake or anywhere else. That didn’t mean love wouldn’t find him in the form of feisty Foreign determined to fight everything she thought bad for her, including what was ripe for the taking right in front of her face. Good thing Christian’s home security system recorded their one night together in his home. It captured him falling in love, her opening her ice-cold heart to him. Now, they just needed to recover the proof before the public saw it.

~~Bonus Story Included~~

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