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I am Paris, born Alexander of Troy, the killer of the great Achilles, a man who killed my brother and a man that most thought couldn’t die. Well, I rid the world of him. So, what do you think I’ll do when anyone gets close to McKenna Eros, a fiery woman who’s born of flames? She’s the one for me, born with one purpose: to be mine.

My life as McKenna Eros is a sham. I’ve lived thinking my purpose is to teach and live happily ever after with a man who promised to be there for me. However, it was all smoke screen and mirrors. When Paris strolls into my life, he makes everything I didn’t know crystal clear. My true purpose is to be the other half of his heart and soul.

Will Paris and Mckenna allow what is meant to be to take place? Or, will they fight what is predestined by the gods?