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All I Want Is Forever


Donovan Richards is no stranger to disappointment. But he has made up his mind that his life won’t end as it started with him being poor and alone. Now a powerful and successful man, he has everything he has dreamed of, except love. Love has somehow eluded his grasp until sexy FBI agent, Grace Moore, enters his life. At first sight, he knows he wants her in every way imaginable, but she’s digging into the details of his sordid past to ensure a conviction against him.

From the moment Grace lays eyes on Donovan’s file, something about him draws her in. Soon, she realizes Donovan is unlike any other suspect she’s ever pursued. Their chemistry is undeniable, making handling his case with the same professionalism she’s handled others the challenge of her life. When Grace finds herself having to choose between her heart and her career, she’s ready to risk it all. Will Donovan convince Grace to abandon her oath and give love a chance?