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Undone by Fire (Undone Series Book 2)


No matter where Orion Townsend goes, he’s the definition of stunning with his jaw-dropping stature, red hair, amber eyes, and hand-tailored suits. A billion-dollar deal draws him from London to back home to Arrow, Colorado where silver eyes, caramel-colored skin, and exceptional height for a woman makes Nevaeh Lomax a showstopper. However, owning beauty in its rarest form doesn’t work the same for everyone, especially when that beauty has always drawn the worst sort of people to Nevaeh for as long as she can remember.

Now an introvert-by-choice, she’s pushed too far when a physically and emotionally abusive ex just won’t go away. Her plans to get rid of him breeds a scheme that will twist Orion and his company, blissfully unaware of Nevaeh’s beauty and her war, right up in the middle. Come hell or jail, she’ll find peace by any means necessary, even if she must do some things she normally wouldn’t to people she’s never met.

Webs will be spun. Laws will be broken. People will be caught up. Love finds two new hearts to invade, but first, an abuser must be dealt with in Undone by Fire by Falon Gold.