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Taken by the Billionaire 2 by Shani Greene-Dowdell


Lost. Gone. The bride is M.I.A.

My heart swells.
No one knows the courage it takes to do it again.
I flash between the past and present.
Cold feet. That’s what it is.

I love Jake, but I’m scared.
I do. Two terrifying words to say after the two people who broke me show up on my wedding day.
Jake is my present, and they are my past.
So why are they here, right now?

I move toward our unwanted guests with pure anger.
Tess can handle Marissa, but Amiri?
I will gladly rip him limb to limb.
After I toss him out, I search for my baby, my heart, my forever.
Tess and my daughter are gone without a trace.

Take a deep breath and think.
She would never leave me like this.
Amiri and Marissa have something to do with it,
and they will pay for ruining our day.
If I have to scorch the earth, I will get my family back.