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Take Me Slow

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Yandy Martin is a new FBI Agent with plans to dedicate her life to protecting young girls against sex trafficking. After her friend is murdered for chasing her dream of being a model, she is left with a renewed sense of purpose. She takes it in her own hands to fix a broken system that leaves so many young girls shattered and broken. It’s not the safest of jobs, but it’s where her heart leads her until he propositions her.
Blaze Wells is a workaholic cop with no time for women. When a woman standing on the side of a rundown alley turns out to be the woman of his dreams, his life is flipped upside down. He’s fascinated with her beauty, and suddenly, something he never thought would ever be on the line is out there—his heart. But, she’s on the other side of the law, and every alarm bell tells him he can’t have her.
Warning: Take Me Slow is a steaming hot novella with syrupy sweet goodness to savor at every turn. There are dirty propositions, fast money, sexy cops and an epilogue with a twist that even Yandy and Blaze’s don’t see coming.