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Slim and the Lady


A will. A hidden baby. A secret romance…

Brendon (Slim) McNair is recently divorced after finding out his young wife, Tiffany, is a cheater. He lives the wild and single life for a year. After some hard life hits, he encounters Joy during a chance meeting, and can’t get her off his mind.

Joy is an assistant manager at a large hotel chain. She is also divorced and has been celibate since her husband walked out on her. Childless and living alone, she buries herself in her work. After meeting Brendon, she begins to loosen up and enjoy life a little. Happiness is finally something she feels she can attain.

But Brendon’s past keeps coming back to haunt him, threatening his newly established relationship with Joy. Will his lady stay by his side, or will secrets and lies hidden so deeply in both of their pasts unravel everything they've built?