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Secrets of a Kept Woman Series (1-4)


New Cover Reveals for Books 3-4 coming soon.

To anyone who’s ever broke bread with the enemy.

At six foot two with honey-brown skin and flowing dreadlocks, Titus Wilson is a walking god, who only has one thing on his mind, making it out of the Sloan Mill projects by any means necessary. Entering the drug game is his ticket to the finer things in life, but it’s called a game for a reason. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. After marrying Shayla, attaining a lakeside property, and having anything he wants at his fingertips, he should be living the good life. But there’s always someone coming for the number one spot.

Shayla Wilson gives up everything for her first love. Her pursuit of being a psychiatrist to help the mentally ill, attending church, and ties with her family are all broken when she marries Titus. However, she loves him too much to let go. Along with Titus, her best friends Gladys LaQuinn and Rhonda Jackson are all Shayla needs until the day she finds out that the people closest to her are not who they say they are. What will Shayla do when her beautiful, expensive, expertly designed house of lies threatens to fall?

As rival drug cartels invade their lakeside property, friends unveil themselves as foes, will the walls come falling down around Titus and Shayla, or will they survive the darkest test of their lives?