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Love Levels 3 (West Virginia Bachelors)


Carter Ramirez wanted out of the family’s illegal side of business in Charleston bad enough to do a job he wasn’t skilled in two thousand miles away in Laramie. Though hating being out of his depth, screwing up even more, he wasn’t about to pass up a chance to open his own security firm. But, there was no map for the trip he took into a land with no easy exits.

Kendall Reyes wanted to run her store and life free of threats and her ex. Divorce, a big move, and a big gun she wasn’t even remotely qualified to use made her more secure in her future. When she was tracked down for debts she didn’t owe… again, she and her twitchy trigger finger took a stand, starting with the man who meant her the most harm in surprising ways.

Will the enforcer she meets become what she needs to get the life she wanted? Or, is he the beginning of her losing everything, including her life if she doesn’t ever remember to take the gun’s safety off?