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A Hitta With That Dope Love


When Blow spots the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen walking out of her job one day, he can’t help but to approach her. He’s drawn to Nylah in a way he has never been drawn to another woman. He can tell by looking at Nylah that her man isn’t treating her right, so he sets out to make her his woman. Nylah is hard to get, but he takes the time to break down her barriers.
Nylah is done with men, but she thinks Blow’s persistence is charming. It’s different from her current situation, where her man does more for the women on social media than he does for her. Despite being turned off by a gut feeling that Blow makes his money illegally, he relentlessly shows her he’s there for her, unlike the men of her past. A year later, she has given in to the thought of Blow holding the key to her heart. But can a man escape his past?